Thursday, August 22, 2013

Wylie turkeys~~~~

I spent a lot....A LOT of money on these turkeys.Meat turkeys and Heritage turkeys, which cost close to $10.00 a piece for day old peeps.. I must be NUTS !!   I raise the meat turkeys for meat...a no brainer. They are not so expensive. But the heritage turks are a wallet killer in themselves.Day old peeps arrive and 2 turkey peeps crush them underfoot.Another succumbs to the crush of huddling in a corner with the rest of the crowd.  Once they are feathered out I try to turn them out in the general barnyard of poultry people. But of course they want to travel the neighborhood and see the sights.My neighbor's flower garden. The corn field.We snatched them up at night by their ankles, turning them upside down to quiet them. They were placed upon roosts with the other poultry people in the BIG COOP !    They wer gone the next day.

The swamp is so much nicer. I found them listing upon dead falls , lolling about as if upon hammocks in the shade. 

Another day missing at length. WHERE can they ne NOW ??We went to feed the horses their hay...OF COARSE  !! Where else would they be??   We have tried to confine them but they fly over the fences.Will this be the first Thanksgiving  without a turkey?? Will we have to have pancakes instead?? It's killing me...I have NO CONTROL !!

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