Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Dear Hans

A life that deserves to be remembered. He was a delightful Belgian with an easy going disposition. 5 kids could straddle his back without crowding. I changed the light bulbs in the barn by climbing on his back.I wonder how many fields he plowed ,harrowed and spread manure upon...........I bought this sweet fellow from a rescue , not too far from "Bubba's Bar and Grill" outside of Shamokin several years ago. He was bony in the hips and you could count every rib. He was actually 10 years older than the sellers claimed that he was. My first red flag should have been,"Then WHY did the Amish sell him????    I figured I could fatten him up on all the hay he desired and beet pulp, but NOPE, he remained the same skinny boy until winter came. On a particularly nasty cold sleet and rainy January day, he gave out,despite a quilted horse coat.(: >I  do miss that fellow .

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