Wednesday, August 28, 2013

I have a lovely crop of broccoli growing this year. Thank you LORD ! In the spring I bought 3 flats of what I thought were broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage. I recognize no cabbage. I should be over run with brussel sprouts. That's OK because I raise this stuff for my farm animals.But some for me.

The broccoli is the most beautiful crop I've ever had. I have used NO chemicals , no insecticides, just chickens and turkeys to pluck away the buggies from the soil and leaves.YES, they will peck at the fruits and veggies but the soldiers have to be fed."Muzzle not the oxen as they tread out the grain", the Bible instructs us.

This row of yellow wax beans just keeps on producing. I got this little cart to sit upon as I pick and weed.The seat opens up into a hatch to store things you need:~ gardening tools, cheese & crackers, a cap gun to scare away unwanted chicken help,a can of soda or mace .
I love the pretty purple flower buds of yellow waxed bean plants.

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