Wednesday, August 14, 2013

I love the beginning of summer. Every weekend some town up here has a carnival or some kind of 'To-do'.Millville is a small Pa. town that has a yearly carnival 4th of July week, preceded by a parade , fireworks and a week long carnival. 1950's-60's rock-n-roll music is the background music and is accompanied by live bands for entertainment.

 Kids can have a great time here at a fractional cost compared to the big time amusement parks.
 These kids are smilin'  !!   They won !!

 now WHERE in the WORLD can you win THIS for a quarter ???

Ring toss for soda bottles

 These rides have been here for a lon LONG time. The same grandparents that bring their grandchildren here this year to have fun, rode on these same same rides in cloth diapers and rubber pants. (: >

Such a great place for families and people who love.

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