Tuesday, August 25, 2009


I love books with a passion.Two years ago I found a fantastic website www.paperbackswap.com where you can log on and get books free for a swap.When I joined they had 60,000 books accumulated through members.Now they have close to 4 million ! WOW !! I know there are books ONLINE and books recorded but there's something special about holding the book in your hand.Mulling over the words of a gifted writer is something very special.I recently read directions on How To Speed Read.That's fine if you're just reading some adventure or romance novel .Go ahead~ hydroplane through!But if you are lucky, you may alight upon the leaf of a Beryl Markham book who can turn words into jewels."West With The Night", published in 1942,was her account of her life as a bush pilot in British East Africa (Kenya).It was published at an untimely era and fell into obscurity in 1942 (the year Pearl Harbour was bombed). I suppose the interests of readers was reigned elsewhere.It was resurrected after "Out Of Africa" was filmed with Robt Redford & Meryl Streep .(Read it to find out why).I stumbled upon this book while doing a 'Book Search' as they were being posted by members.It takes awhile to scan through the junk usually posted,but suddenly a potential gem will appear.Grab it! Quick! Anything can be posted on this site~ cookbooks, textbooks, homeschooling textbooks,Classics,Elvis, Beatles,Lassie,Medical ,Gardening,HomeImprovement,CrossCountrySkiing, How to Build Your Own Boat,Animals, Birds,Harlequine( of which there is no end!),Adventure, Biography,Sci-Fi,Mystery,etc,etc. Whatever people want to put on is there~ Hardcover or Softcover.You can do an author search, topic or title search, NY Times Bestseller List or Oprah Book of the Month search. Maybe even an Adam Sandler search?
I have a little house. No room for a library.However, the bathroom had an unused wall. What better place for a wall of books?!! As you sit and think~~ponder the bookshelf! Read a page or two.Relax! Ponder and immerse yourself in AdventureLand.
Yes, Yes~~ I know!! That's a plunger holding the bookcase upright. So What!!

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