Saturday, August 29, 2009

Corn pluckers

These are my cornpluckin' buddies.This is the first year in my life that I have had such bee-uuu-tee-ful perfect corn ! Usually I have to buy a case or two from the local farms, but not this year! I have hundreds.I've stashed zip lock bags of frozen kernals and corn-on-the-cob away in my freezer for the year. I read once to freeze your corn on the cob in its leaves;tight & unstripped (NO CHECKING!) Works better than ZipLock bags.But I store them in plastic bags in their leafy casings.Everybody's happy to see Corn~on~the~cob around here! MY horses greeted me (with their fly masks still on )and a big grin because they were getting a perfect, juicy, intact corncob.Sweet as summer.Fresh picked sugar~ no late picked starched taste.
Now~ my tomatoes did not do well at all! Blight hit this part of the state.I got 9 Qts and that was it! The plants are close to dead. So sad! Two years ago a similar problem hit.Cool nights,not enough sunny days and all green (no red) tomatoes.Fortunately I have farmers & Amish markets to buy 'canners' from.
But, we did well with most other veggies~ string beans,wax beans,cabbage(sauerkraut),broccoli,brussels sprouts lookin' good! Potatoes, peas, etc.
Tomorrow (Sunday) my twin grandsons will go home until next summer. I will miss them terribly! But we visit periodically during the year.

Thank You, LORD, for the Good Earth!

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