Sunday, September 12, 2010

Chicken Soup 101

Back when I was a maid in nursing school, we learned proper and essential skills at curing the sick and dying.Chicken Soup 101 was of course at the top of the list of Nursing Fundamentals.In fact, I was SOOOOO impressed with this course that I started my own pharmacy of chickens in my own backyard.Let me clue you in on a secret ingredient in making perfect chicken broth (without adding boullion cubes~~~~CHEATER!! (:<
Get a pot of water,toss a bunch of necks in,a chicken carcass (left from a roasting chicken),some giblets and chicken feet. The secret ingredient is the FEET!!! Don't let your butcher cheat you out of them!!Demand that he toss them in the shopping bag.If you shop at world class supermarkets you will be outta luck.They don't believe in them.Toss in salt to taste & parsley and simmer at a soft roll for 2-3 hours.DON'T LET IT BOIL!! (It will cloud & lose clarity) .Put it in the refig overnight to cool.This lets the fat float to the top & harden. Scoop it off (don't let it find its way to your coronary arteries!)& toss it in the burn barrel ( or save it for greasing creaky hinges ).Reheat the broth & ladle it through a strainer to remove scrappy particles.Then can it at 10 lbs pressure for 80 min for Qts.or just plain freeze it in containers. This may sound complicated & too much, but it's not.No, not at all.It is one of life's pleasantries! (:>

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