Sunday, September 12, 2010

La Tomatino !

Good ol' tomatoes!! Nothing tastes better than a fresh picked tomato from the vine, then popped into your mouth. The fresh smell of a tomato vine is intoxicating.It is one of the earliest childhood memories I have of my parents in our yard in the early 1950's ,Bayonne.My dad tying vines onto stakes and my mom picking tomatoes in the evening shade. I am so sad this beautiful scent only lasts a few weeks of the year. If I was a Parisian perfumer, I would invent "La Tomatina". But I fear actual bites to young maidens' necks would outlaw this wonderful perfume as the result.

I am pretty overwhelmed in September with 'things to do'. Most of it relates to canning. So much produce reaches fruition in September! I understand why the Pilgrims chose November to give 'Thanks" for the harvest. By that month, they were utterly exhausted and glad to be done with it!.Anyway, probably the most time consuming of my canning fruits/vegetables is tomato sauce.I try to put up enough for the year (52 weeks worth) at 2 Qts a week. Well, you do the multiplying.
I can fully understand why the Spanierd's have the festival "La Tomatina" every August where they have a great tomato fight in the streets.It's because you can only take so much!! After that, you just start throwing the dang things!!

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