Wednesday, September 15, 2010

What a Corny Day !

I got the BEST corn seed from my nearby RT 42 Market! Such perfect white corn! So sugary sweet and don't even need to cook it.Ed said,"Want help strippin' corn?" (?????)~~~~ (Do cats love mice?? Do cops love to give tickets?? Ho YEAA!! I love this man!!)

Sooooo anyway, 8 thousand ears later we were briefly stopped by Angus the cat.Look at HIM!! Whoa !! He decimated that ear of corn in minutes.Back & forth like an old Underwriter Typewriter carriage.It brought out the lion in him ....and tears of joy to my eyes!(sniff)
One thing I noticed was that I never dusted my corn with killer insect powders..neither did local fruit producers.But whereas the tips of some of my corn had some caterpillars,over the years I've noticed that a large portion of ears of corn were affected by corn caterpillars by local producers we bought from that were'nt sprayed. I think the difference was that my chickens & turkeys were on daily patrol throughout my fields , whereas no birds protected the other guys.

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