Saturday, September 4, 2010


It is such a great time of year! The grape vines are 4 yrs old and produced 60 lbs of Concords.Enough for grapejuice for the year & wonderful jelly. My neighbor said he could smell them across the street! One of my favorite memories of my Grandmother's house was the grapevines in the backyard & my mom making jelly with my Aunt Annie (Actually we all pronounced her name 'Ann-Annie'.Haha)

But I HATED picking them off the vines because I just loved looking at them dangling beautiful & deep blue purple in the hot sun.Japanese beetles were merciful this year and didn't set out to destroy the grape leaves.Last year they looked like green lace.I slapped them off the leaves into a bucket of water & fed them to the fish off the dock.I hate using pesticide spray on fruit & vegetables. Turkeys & chickens cluck ,scratch & peck their way through my garden.I lose a few tomatoes here & there & some corn, but you have to feed your soldiers.

I haven't made my jam/jelly yet.That will be this coming week.This is the first year I haven't had to buy any grapes at all. (:>

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