Monday, September 13, 2010

New generation of egg layers

Oh yes, this buddy of mine knows that there's something wonderful inside.Whatever can it be ???
Ash sits waiting patiently.His tail switching back & forth.

After 5 years of egg laying chickens & incubating their eggs, I'm starting to see puny eggs competing with the nicer large & jumbo eggs.The culprit is a very active Bandy Rooster.While I thought I was incubating beautiful large eggs, the sire was a midget.Therefore, the hen that would hatch would be crossed with a bandy roo.In other words~~~~ itty bitty eggs 7 mos later when she grew to adulthood.Sooooo, I hit the hatchery catalogues & bought some more egg laying peeps. One day old & they are $2.47 a piece (!!) Heck!! But, I need a fresh start , so I gave in.I bought 25 new peeps.12 Barred Rocks (outstanding large egg layers & great tolerance for cold weather), 12 Australorpes ( black with green sheen) and also great daily egg layers & great tolerance for cold weather.And ONE surprise little peep bonus~ who knows what? He's red feathered & marked like a chipmunk- probably an Auracauna (green egg layer) and a rooster.I don't cull(destroy) old hens that become poor producers.They have served me faithfully for many years, gone into LABOR everyday of their lives and produced an egg. For me.They serve out their days munching on garden bugs and caterpillars that would otherwise destroy my corn, etc.,

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