Friday, August 19, 2011

The Dining Room Chairs

My dining room has been the central focal point of so many happy family traditional gatherings since the 1970's.My first dining room suit was my Grandma Lawler's.I was born in November 1949 and she had this dining room furniture delivered for that Thanksgiving.I was brought home from the hospital on Thanksgiving.I cost my parents a whole $250.00 in hospital bills. I guess I was the turkey! (:>My grandmother died when I was 2 1/2 .Afterward, my dad inherited that dining room suit and when I was first married we used it for a few years.
But these pictures are of my current dining room chairs. We bought this furniture in the last half of the 1970's.I want to speak now of child abuse inflicted upon dining room furniture.Little girls are expected to help their mama's clean on Saturday mornings. Dust and vacuum.But little girls want to PLAY on Saturdays with little girlfriends.Hence, any impediment to Saturday playtime is met with great irritation and weasleling on "How to get out of dusting the gunge off the dining room chairs".I have YEARS of impacted peanut butter & jelly , dust and 'who knows what else' upon my dining room chairs.They just sprayed PLEDGE spray wax over everything and said,"I'm done. Can we go out now?" Hence, years of wax & gunge build up.I have tried naptha, every cleaner imaginable, and have even considered napalm. Then, a compassionate antique dealer told me he uses spray oven cleaner to clean furniture, but it takes off the varnish. I used it.It works.
Beutiful oak furniture should not be painted, but I had to do it.I visited Red Lobster for a yummy meal and Lo & Behold!! Beautiful red & green chairs!! So pretty, I couldn't take my eyes off them. I took a trip to Lowe's and bought a slew of paint to be applied in 3 stages.This is STAGE ONE: Basic coat. My son exclaimed ,"Mom, that's PINK!! (:<" Nope, that's the
bottom basic coat. These shall be red antiqued.So, I won't be able to do the next steps for a few days.This is CHAPTER ONE !! (:>

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