Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Red Beets

I should be enjoying the end of the summer, swimming in the ocean, fishing, picnicking, but NO! I am canning fruits & veggies and cleaning chicken coops for new peeps (meat chickens for the upcoming year).I guess I love homesteading more than vacationing. I'd rather be HERE than any other place on Earth. Yes, really.
Red beets are probably the more tedious of vegetables to prepare but HARVARD BEETS are the absolute royalty of canned vegetables. You may hate plain beets or pickled beets, but the recipe for Harvard beets (that I have been blessed with from the Pennsylvania Grange Society Cookbook) makes all that hard work so VERY worth it! (:>

I did not grow my own beets this year.I bought them from a local veggie stand.Would you like the recipe? #1 ONLY buy BABY beets. #2 I will send you the recipe upon request.(:>

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