Saturday, August 13, 2011

My fruit trees are still in their adolescent stages of growth. They produce, but in smaller amounts. So, I still have to buy from the local produce stands. I like that anyway. I touch base with my neighbors who have been an immense help to me . They have taught me how to make sauerkraut,mix and stuff a sausage,recognize and treat an abcess in a horse's hoof,cure a corned beef,etc.
I have dwarf peach fruit trees, but their fruit is still dwarfed. I learned a hard lesson with mail order trees. My supposed MacIntosh apple trees turned out to be crab apple trees. My Freestone peach trees turned out to be a kind of peach that needs to be peeled and does not release from the pit.NOT freestone.My best deals came from buying trees form Home Depot. EXCELLANT trees!!
I cannot stock up enough peaches. My family and friends love them so! When they come to visit, they scan over the shelves of canned goods. Peaches are the all time favorite. How many
will I part with?? It's so fun to visit the farm and go home with 'take-out goods'.That is not a sacrcastic term on my part.Nothing makes me happier than sharing the happiness of this farm . I always can & freeze more than I can use.

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