Saturday, August 13, 2011

CORN !!!!

Once again I'm freezing corn. It comes out so much nicer than canning it.I will probably have to buy a good portion of my corn this year. I only have a small patch growing next to the nursery chicken coop.
My daughter just bought 100 ears from a local farmer.Beautiful, perfect corn. She couldn't stop munching on it.Last year my cat had the same thought.He buzzed through ear after ear in a few short minutes a piece.
A nicely sharpened butcher knife is essential to kernaling corn. I played around with 3 until I grabbed my vegetable knife chopper.Whop! ~ Whop Whop !! I began zooming through the job.

I bagged up my corn in quart size zip lock bags,pressed it by hand to get the air out & also flattened the bag into a square for storage in the freezer.And so, I needed to find space. HMMMMMMMMM............
I've been foraging through the freezers looking for meats and veggies that are outdated. I need to make room for fresh newborn crops.My dogs are thrilled with this idea since freezer burned old cuts of meats are baked then cut into bite size chunks for them to enjoy.We'll get there. I have 50 chickens,13 turkeys, a pig in October....all that will need freezer space.I am so happy to have found .One freezer I got for free , another for $50.00.I've done well with Craigslist.

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