Sunday, July 31, 2011


I LOVE the sound of oats racing up the pipe and filling the oat room in the barn.I love the feel of oats ,its'silkiness flowing through your fingers in an 80 lb bag.My sheep, horses & goats love the feel of it flowing over their teeth !
Harvest is not in November at Thanksgiving time.That's the tail end of harvest when brussel spouts and the last of the potatoes are gathered in.November is the meat harvest.Deer,pigs,beef and the tail end of chicken & turkey.
This has been a good year for crops, so far. Enough rain and enough hot sunshine.In over abundance, plan for years of under abundance.Canned food lasts for several years. Frozen stuff does not. Pork will turn rancid, even if frozen too long.If you raise your own pigs or beef,this is the time of year to inventory old cuts of meat. Wacky cuts that you don't know what to do with??~ cut the meat off the bones, grind it into sausage or hambuger. Cook up the bones for the dogs & cats.Save the broth for beef broth & can or freeze it. Even better, cook up outdated cuts in the oven, give the meat to the dogs,use the beef broth water to swish up the brownings for richer beef broth in the baking pan & CAN it! SO MUCH WASTE that can be used for average needs. Now, for you canners,lids are CHEAP at the FAmily Dollar. Just tipping you off.You know how it is.Every year it's more expensive.I know where you can get cheaper lids. ALSO~~~~ RUBBER GASKETS !!!
Oats fill the Oat Storage room with a 'HISSSSSS' as it races through the pipe and fills the storage space to the top.Happy horses. Happy sheep & goats! Thank You, LORD, for this years oat harvest (:>, (ahead of time).Why wait until November to thank HIM ?

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  1. Wow, that is soooo neat! I love that you guys have a farm. That has always been my dream. :D