Friday, July 22, 2011


Sweet little things ! Cute little nose. Cuddly and warm (:> I have 1 or 2 of these fishers on my property.They will kill my chickens with lightening speed (they already got one chicken, my bandy hen plus all her peeps.) They will return to my coop every day until a vacancy sign is posted.My son interuppted the demise of one bloody barred rock chicken . The Fisher took off running. We checked out on line info about these critters.They were almost extinct due to massive killing off these predators.Then they were "re-introduced". I wondered "WHY?" Well, it appears they are the ONLY natural predator of porcupines (!!) I have determined to trap these guys and present them to my Pastor and church. They will be so happy!! A porcupine is eating away the porch at the main entrance to the church.So far they have had no luck at trapping the porcupine.(:> Maybe I can help.

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