Monday, July 18, 2011

Swimming holes and 'criks'.

Life for a kid wouldn't be complete without summer afternoon treks to the swimming hole where creek water is crystal clear, snuggled between mountain ranges and shaded by trees . We hike only a short distance through the forest with our lunches,carrying jugs of lemonade and iced tea , towells slung over our shoulders.I settle my folding chair at the creek's edge , feet cooling in the flowing water and spend the afternoon reading my book. The kids swim out to boulders and do 'cannonballs' into deeper basined out spots
The kids are worn out,exhausted by the end of the day.Thunder rolled softly as the sun slipped behind storm clouds.We reached the car just as rain started to pelt the windshield in large droplets.I expect a fairly quiet ride home down the mountain.Then I remembered~ my grandsons had not taken a shower recently! Well, I warned them. I opened the windows & sunroof while the wind drove the rain in! It was like wash, rinse, spin & blow dry by the time they got home! HAH!!

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