Thursday, July 14, 2011

Raspberry Ice Cream

What to do with fresh picked raspberries? Well, after treating your wounds from the tiny thorns you drag your wrist though with each raspberry bush, you might consider ice cream. Sugar your berries and let stand in the refrig overnight.It will become syrupy.The Waring ice cream maker is my favorite. It's no longer manufactured but can still be bought online on Ebay.It's simple,uncomplicated and instructions are still available online. I have raspberries growing everywhere, including in front of my front door.I would have torn them out except there were a ton of berries on the vines....SOOOOO, my front door looks like an abandoned homestead site. But I have Raspberry Ice Cream to show for it!! I need to dig these vines out and move them elsewhere.

Picking raspberries is no easy matter. A large crop was growing in the back of my pond down a steep slope. Of coarse I wanted those berries that were glaring at me that were just beyond my reach. Rather than tumble down the hill head first, I sat down and scooted toward the edge where the slope took a deep plunge.A family of fire ants also thought to locate their address there and proceeded to march at top speed up the hem of my shorts and set up a protest march,nipping inflammatory remarks into my skin.The following day impending cellulitis raged on the back of my thigh.My concentration at work was brought to a screetching halt until my mind was pacified with a Keflex prescription .However, ice cream pacifeies all ills. It makes EVERYTHING 'ALL BETTER'.

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