Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sheep May Safely Graze~ J.S.Bach

I have so often thought of the idea of lolling about with nothing to do.Lovely thought! And so, I decided I would keep God's plan for mankind and do NOTHING!! This is the 7th year for my big garden. It is the Sabboth Rest for it. Last week I sat in my folding chair, on the 7th day (for me) reading a book.Something that would not cause my brain any disturbance at all, therefore it was, of course, about farm life. (:> I sent my sheep into the resting garden of plush green vegetation and watched them (with my WHIP). (I would not allow them any liberties, at all, to chomp at my grapevines.There was certainly enough vegetation to feed upon without THAT decimation!(:< !!! What is 185' x 185' of garden square footed?? These idiot sheep will find the only 2 trees in the garden to destroy and tear the bark off.Therefore, the whip.
We are clueless to the wisdom of God. He, Himself, rested on the 7th Day after He had done His work.Upon our days off, we use every spare moment to be as busy as possible.I have a list as long as a roll of Scott's toilet paper of things I need to get done.
Yet,the keeping of a Sabboth. What pleasure.How necessary to our well being. God kept it for His own well being. Are we superior to Him? Anyway, He will REQUIRE it of us. How many have you missed? You have no idea.
Several thousand years ago, King Josiah (a King of Judah) found the neglected Book of the Bible , probably Deuteronomy,and after reading it, became sick after realizing his nation was in severe trouble with God.
One thing you need to understand~~ God says, "I am the LORD, I change not!" The same God during Josiah's day is the same God, with the same mindset today.
The nation of Judah had neglected to keep the 'every 7 years land rest' for 490 years. That divides into 70 Sabboth rests for the land.Judah went into captivity for guess how many years??? Messiah showed up, guess how many years??? WOW!! The mathematics of God bowl me over! I think the people of King Josiah's day said, "Well, we don't do that anymore. That was for the ancients, but these are modern times." HAH! If you are familiar with your Bible, you will see that God gets His due. Hands down every time.

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