Saturday, March 16, 2013

Country Winter

Winter brings beauty and great charm to country life but it also is a time of sadness . The reality of farm life is new life and unexpected death.A bandy hen gets stuck in a hidden place and breaks her neck trying to free herself.A bandy rooster drowns in the 100  gallon horse water trough reaching too far to get a drink,;predators  decimate a new flock of peeps,sickness  wipes out a new flock of expensive turkey peeps or the ewe sheep that dies after childbirth complications.A newborn lamb may be found in a stall completely encased in its sac.It never took a first breath. An old horse dies in a February deep freeze.
I keep my animals well protected . They have the choice of going in or out of the barn at will.Old horses have coats to cover them.Winter is nature's culling time I suppose , despite all we do to vet and medicate, feed and protect.I just never know what a day will bring .

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