Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Jellybean the mischief maker

        Monday I was in the pasture by the round pen as my horse trainer, Melissa, was teaching my Belgian Horse ground manners.Apparently, this was intriguing to my goats as they watched out the barn window. Several glass panes were missing from the square panes and Jellybean, my goat, stuck his head out to get a closer look. As he drew his head back in, his horns got stuck on the wooden separations. He panicked, OF COURSE !! and he pulled back with such force that the entire window frame yanked free from the barn wall. I didn't see this at first. All I heard was a sudden screaming of goats and sheep and a clamour. Then smashing of glass and crashing into the rear metal door of the barn. At first I thought sheep and goats were fighting over something terrible and I heard a 'baaaaing' voice of terror that I never heard before! I ran over to the missing window and looked in. All was QUIET!! ( HUH???) Sheep were lying on the floor chewing cud.The goats were standing atop the old chest freezer staring at me. Mystery.....I resumed the lesson with Melissa.After she left, I entered the inner barn to investigate when all became clear. Jellybean's horn were stuck...he pulled the window free from the barn wall and ran around the barn with the window on his horns in a panic.He smashed into the rear metal door of the barn when it finally released from his horns and dropped to the floor. Then all quieted down.

I decided to take the goats for a walk in the woods to settle some of the anxiety.The woods  was new domain for them. They hugged my legs and heeled every step of the way. It was unfamiliar territory . We didn't walk alone. As always, the dogs and cats came a-running to hike with us. My turkeys will also do that, but not this time.

The barn window remains an open square hole.The pigeons have made it a roosting place.
My goats loved the walk in the woods.Streams to leap over, giant dead falls to climb and jump from. (:> Monday was a really fun day!

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