Saturday, March 23, 2013

Patriot , my Belgian, has a new vision in life.He is in training .The goal is to learn to drive a cart, wagon, or manure skid. Our trainer, Melissa,is used to training mini's and standard horses but this is her first Belgian.However, the basics never change and she's doing a fine job .

This has become a novelty and surprise to my neighbors , a shock actually.They drive by in their pickup trucks and stop at the fence to watch.They are accustomed to seeing my horses mosey about the pasture or yawning in the sunlight as they lean against the barn wall.My round pen has stood idle for nearly 2 years since we bought it.Trying to find a trainer willing to come to my place has been the hold up.

Yesterday , he trained with the saddle .

 Glory be !!! She's up there !!  I was afraid he would buck and catapult her into the pond but no, he was a good boy.
 His reward is returning to his mare(Dolly) and the  filly (Misty), that's all he asks. Misty, the black Percheron cross below, pesters to draw his attentions from his lessons.She's next.

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