Wednesday, March 6, 2013

     This is my handsome boy, Patriot, my Belgian. I was so blessed to finally~ FINALLY !!!! find an instructor that was willing to come to my farm and give ground manner instruction and driving lessons.( NO!!  I will not let Patriot drive the car or pickup least not for the first year. )   (:> Well, he did well  with his first lesson today and I am encouraged.I have spent a lot of money on harnessing , hames, a Pioneer double seater forecart,double trees, single trees, bridle, horse collar and pad ~but for 8 years, no instructor....UNLESS I had a trailer and was willing to trailer the horse there for lessons. Well, I don't have that.So, hopefully my other 2 horses will benefit from what I am learning .
    Why didn't I just go ahead and follow the DVD instructions of Clinton Anderson and lessons on RFD  TV? I have gotten injured on this farm from things I NEVER expected or picked up on in time.Injured ribs, don't have to tell me twice.The next time it could be my skull.
    When I got his big horse collar, I placed it around his neck, snapped it in place and Patriot suddenly stood erect and proud with an expectant look on his face. It was a Belgian's tuxedo (:>   Soon, I hope if all goes well, he will cease to be unemployed and have a job to do. Isn't that what most of us want?   (:>

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