Monday, April 27, 2009

Farming Small

This is my next dream~ to get Draft horse harnessing & hook him up to functional work~ manure skid , plow, maybe a light weight log pull out of my woods.
I have been inspired by another Draft Horseman
The beauty & enjoyment of being a gentleman farmer flees our grasp when we attempt to expand our farming enterprise a little too far.Once we no longer have time to sit on our lawn chair at the chicken house door,
listening to their purrs & twiddles as they settle in to roost for the night, we have exceeded the love of our farm.
Taking something we love and applying it to a full time job places harsh demands and destroys it.Fatigue and resentment creeps in.The initial romanticism we once enjoyed leaks away from it's very joints and heart and it now becomes a burden.
If you have a heart to homestead, do it for yourself & your kinsmen. Maybe a few friends.Don't expand too far beyond your immediate circle.Consider this:
1) Can you get away to attend an important family function? Vacation??
2) Do you enjoy just hanging out with the animal folk, brushing them~ sharing your beer with them?
3)????? I don't know what number 3 is~~ do you?

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