Friday, April 10, 2009

Find The Turkey

HELLO-o-o-o-o I see you in there , in your kitchen washing dishes! It's time for breakfast & I want my grain !! My turkey hen flies up on the garage roof outside my kitchen window & clucks until I cry 'uncle' & feed the barnyard flock. Did you find her with ease??
The Dept. of Agriculture wants to track the whereabouts of every baby chick & poultry peep.WHY ?? With the pretense of AVIAN FLU !!
Every spring homesteaders, farms & gentlemen farmers, like our household, pickup a flat of baby chicks.Chicks that are destined to be egg layers & others meant for meat.This year my commrades in several states have had to fill out detailed forms identifying the whereabouts & use of these peeps. The Dept of Agriculture would have you believe that animal/poultry identification is a good thing to track down the spread of disease.They have particulary spread Avian Flu anxiety without just cause. The Gov't refuses to track down illegal immigrants and drug traffick~ including drug traffick within state & federal prison systems! BUT~~~ IT IS GOING TO TRACK THE WHEREABOUTS OF YOUR CHICKEN!!! I am not dumb. FOLLOW THE MONEY~ Big coorporations that have interests in destroying the competition of organic & pastured farming & livestock are suspect in my book.
Here's a project for you college students~~ Google & then follow links to MONSANTO's destruction of small farmers, especially organic farmers.( check out suicides of farmers in INDIA !! There are 6,000 !! )Who is Monsanto? A chemical company . The hybrid seed producer of the USA. And then some.CHECK IT OUT!!
I have 2 dogs that I bought from animal rescues. They both were injected with tracking devices before I received them. We are just a breath away from Revelation 13.

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