Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Henny Penny's Easter Egg

I raise free range chickens,both for eggs and also for meat.My egg layers are a variety of breeds and my favorite are araucanas, otherwise known as 'Easter Egg Chickens'. They lay green, turquoise,pink & brown eggs. "GREEN EGGS AND HAM"~ Dr Seuss must have been inspired by these ladies.Only the shell is so colored.The actual egg is standard.One of this breed outdid herself as you can see by this egg comparison.Somewhere out there is a chicken with a limp.I would expect her to be bottomed out but I don't see any that look amiss ! How can this be?
Can you imagine going into labor every day of your adult life like these gals do? Most farmers cull their chickens once they pass their prime .I say 'no'. They deserve a well earned retirement plan .Let them scratch around in the woods all they want digging for bugs and worms.They'll still lay a few eggs per week .
Below is a carton with a variety of egg from several breeds.Can you recognize the turkey egg ? One is a Banty egg ~ an excellant choice for those who want to control cholesterol intake. It's the tiny one on the left.

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