Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fractured Bakery Tales

STEP #1 : Never bake anything when others are around.You may lose poise.Follow cake mix directions and bake. STEP #2: As for non-stick cookware~ phooey! You should always use your gut instinct and grease away!
STEP #3: Always capitalize on your mistakes ! NEVER admit to a disaster! Dump an entire can of lemon pie filling over the bottom layer. Smear it well across the its top. Fill in every crack and tumbling section. It will hold everything together like mortar. It will save you from being MORTARFIED LATER! ~HAH !!
STEP #4: Dump an entire can of frosting over the top & sides of the cake.Smooth it off ever so pretty & drizzle colorful sprinkles . Clean up kitchen crumbs and all evidence of disaster.

STEP #5: WALLAH ! Light candles and sing !
Is it possible that he's 20 yrs old already ? My , my ~ how the time flies~~

It seems like only yesterday that we were swimming together at Willow Valley and floated too close to the deep end of the pool.He was 11 mos old and I was trying frantically to hold his little face above water! I couldn't touch bottom and had to swim with one arm & hold him with the other.I couldn't keep my own head above water! I suddenly felt the dread of drowning and realized it was him or me! ~~~~~ As I swam away , I never dreamed he'd reach his 20th birthday! Yet here he is , evidence that you must let children help themselves ! Don't do everything for them ! It will damage them !


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