Wednesday, April 1, 2009


We've been duped!! All these years we could have been happy!! Now we're finding out that margarine ,Crisco,and other shortenings we used to make pie crust were the REAL KILLERS!!
I have always made my own pie crust.I used margarine most of the time. The edges always burned during the baking process,even if I used Crisco.Then I moved up here amongst the mountain people. "Want lard?" the corner market owner said when he raised & butchered my first pig for me. "Lard?? ~NOOO!!! What would I want lard for?" EVERYBODY UP HERE EATS LARD !! THE OLD TIMERS SWEAR BY LARD AND WON'T NEVER MAKE PIE CRUST ANY OTHER WAY ! " I was curious, so I said, "SURE !! Toss in a can 'a lard !"Some time went by and I ignored the can of lard sitting on the cold garage floor in the shiny metal can.It was pure white and solid & I had no recipe for pie crust made with lard.So, there it sat.Then I heard a rumor that lard was better than shortenings. So, I searched for a recipe, found one and made an apple pie. OH MY STARS !! I HAVE EATEN THE BEST APPLE PIE IN THE WHOLE WIDE WORLD!! Not a single burnt edge, and the flakiness merited a county fair blue ribbon!
Now, what's the story behind lard? Check this site out! and this one~ HOW TO RENDER LARD!!

And this one!!

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