Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Do you remember watching the original TV series of 'LASSIE' with Tommy Reddig as 'Jeff' ? These pics remind me of those TV memories.Jeff's friend ,'Porky',would skid to the front door of the barnyard & yell "Eee-Yah-kee !!". Jeff would leap out of bed & lean out of the window or jump up from the breakfast table & race outside.Chickens would scatter and Mom would yell,"You didn't finish your breakfast!".Gramps was hobbling out of the barn & was nearly knocked over as the two friends raced on old time bicycles out of the barnyard & down the dirt road.It was a great day for catfishin' !
These kids in the picture have their own secret worm-farm - a bale of hay sitting on dirt under the barn overhang.Worms love the damp dark & play in the hay between the blades of grasses.No more digging for bait necessary!
You'll notice they're fishing with salt water poles.The bigger cats break the fresh water poles . This is one of the medium school of cats. He was a 'catch & release'.
Don't you just love summer? !!

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