Friday, July 31, 2009

The Garden

I'm down to the last 6 quarts of tomato sauce.It never ceases to amaze me that out of all the WHEELBARROW loads of tomatoes from approximately 120 tomato plants, by August I'm actually running out of sauce.This is me from a previous year.My tomato plants this year are just starting to turn a tad bit red.I can't believe I actually pay $1.49 PER TOMATO until my own tomatoes come through. The deluge of rain has caused such a jungle of weeds out in the garden that I hope the tomato plants will not turn into 'slug garden'. I'm not worried. Today the kids picked 10 lbs. of string beans & 1.5 lbs of waxed beans ( planted later).We hunt for onions & potatoes thru an ocean of wet weeds and dodge spider webs that glisten with rain water.Young kittens followed them out into the garden and batted wooley catepillars about.Toys come cheap in nature! Cars & pickup trucks stop while the kids are picking and say, "Hey~ that's a BIG garden !". Yea, and a LOT of weeds too ! (I'm thinking).We've had a steady supply of great crispy lettuce and the remainder is beginning to grow skyward.There's only so much you can eat ! The cabbage is beginning to look like it has hyper-pituitaryism ( HUGE heads). I already have started sauerkraut in a keg in the coolest room in the house.It has 4 weeks to go.

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