Tuesday, July 21, 2009

You never know what a day will bring !

I can't believe it! Somebody or something pulled the plug on my pond and I'm losing a foot per day ! Serious stuff going on here. It's full of fish. Some very large catfish as well as medium size, coy,bluegills, sunnies, bass and who knows what else?Vegetation around the periphery depends upon submerged root bases (cat tails & water lillies.) Ohhhh! My poor water lillies look drawn. They were so beautiful 1 week ago ! The water is too brown now to see below the surface .It's too dangerous to swim down to the plug level ( 15-17 feet deep).About 9 years ago I well remember a girl who drowned in a deep hot tub when her hair & her leg was sucked into the drain in a country club in NJ.Noone could break the suction.
The kids were having fun today with their new beach that wasn't there a week ago.They were building sand castles, volcanoes,and all kinds of imaginative art formations in the wet clay.
Who knows what we'll find down there? I'm not sure how low the level will get to before we're able to safely search for the plug~ before it becomes dangerously low for the fish.
Anybody out there knowledgeable on pond management & troubleshooting this kind of problem (loosened plug) ?

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