Friday, July 31, 2009

Tomato Fight !

There is definately other purpose for tomatoes besides sauce ! Bunol,Spain knows this. Once a year they have a HUGE tomato fight. "La Tomatino" !!! The 3rd week in August is the reserved date. Spain is in the same longtitude as New Jersey, so their tomatoes are at their prime ripening season at the same time.Check out this website!
Truckloads of tomatoes are hauled in for this great event. People book hotels a year in advance for this hilariously fun tradition. Crowds fill the streets ~I want to go ~or else start one in Pennsylslavia! Why can't WE have one too? WHY should Americans have to travel halfway across the world just to pelt their buddies with a ripe one??I used to be so good at Dodgeball & Prisoners in gym class! We've got plenty of tomato fields and open range for the GREAT PELTING! Sign a petition today before August and September's tomato ripening gets away !

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