Monday, July 13, 2009


This is my darlin' ~ the Phoenix at Knoebels Amusement Park in Pa. My ride of rides! My birthday present to my twin grandsons every August is to take them to this wonderful park and let them have the time of their lives! But first, I must have the time of MY life, so I drag them by the ear up the ramp and shove them into that dreadful seat while they await certain death. "How many big hills are there like THAT one, Nana? " As we ascend the first 70 ft drop I assure them there is only "ONE" and the rest are "little hills".As we reach the summit I apologize with ,"Nope, I think there are 9 more.I forgot".Their eyes are huge, mouths wide open & speechless.It's time to throw up your arms & scream "YEE HAHH !!!" and burst forth into manic laughter and hold on for dear life! It's exhilarating !Cameras don't do well up there, but I try.If I'm lucky I'll get 2 shots at the top of the first ascent.
While others pay large sums going to the gym to work out trying to get their pulse up to 120 ,I go here. "Yep~ 120", as I near the last turn of the ride.And it only cost me $2.25 !
How did this addiction start ? Well, I was 14 yrs old and went to Sandy Beach at Harvey's Lake with my family and cousin Tommy.He insisted I get on the roller coaster with him, that it would be "fun" ! I was terrified but finally he talked me into it.It didn't have the heavy lap bar that we have nowadays, only a chain and a bar you held onto. That's when I panicked! I pushed myself to the floor in a kneeling postion as we ascended that enoremous first hill.The metal mesh grate at the front of the car grated at my knees.DOWN we went!I was terrified as I flung and jerked side to side and plummeted down one hill after another. Of course Tommy was having the time of his life, laughing and squeeling away !Finally the ride was over ! I was disheveled and panting. My knees were all skinned up . I staggered off the platform , down the ramp and I kissed the ground ."LET'S GO ON AGAIN!" Tommy said. "Are you NUTS?", I screamed. Of COURSE I went on again!

After that I went on the Cyclone in Coney Island .This year it's 82 yrs old ( an additional reason one might panic) . Rolling Thunder, at Great Adventure (Six Flags to non-Jerseyites),was my great love for many years .
The wooden framed scaffolded roller coasters are much more thrilling in my book.
I salute the Russians and the French for inventing this great amusement .The Russians were the initiators several hundreds of years ago. It was a huge ICE Slide with a wooden sled. The French later designed and developed it into the roller coasters we know today including the loop in the middle of the ride.

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  1. The Phoenix was originally the Rocket in playland park in San Antonio,