Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fish Rescue

The pond's excavator has been found and paid us a visit today.Naughty pond !! It drenched him with a 10 foot spray and full gush of fishy water as he attempted to plug the 4" drain pipe.He succeeded and a temporary stoppage has occurred.Let's hope it holds until we can rescue as many fish as possible.Then we'll let it drain and get the drain capped so this never happens again.

I dread the thought of starting from the beginning with the fish farm starter kit.So,we have alighted the idea of creating our own 'Hackettstown hatchery', only for bass, carp, coy, cats, sunnies & bluegills & whatever else we find. I shall have to accumulate several kid swimming pools & aerators similar to a Talipea fish farm setup , I guess. Today I'll be spending time Googeling fish farm setups, MotherEarth News archives, etc. And I'll have to 'Craigslist' CHEAP used kiddie pools .(Sigh!)
Why am I never bored? Why does everyday have to be an adventure for me?

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