Monday, February 16, 2009

Black bears can get pretty big up here,some 600-700+ lbs. Not because of the berries but because people like to feed them so they can video tape their backyards.Nice little bear! They pretty much keep to themselves & mind their own business & you don't often get a glimpse of them unless you're out there at night .But they don't make good buddies & eventually they complain that the menu is not up to par, they want more & they start trashing the shed,the backyard & become a general nuisance & potential danger.Besides the fact that the dogs go WILD in the house & rip down the curtains & shades trying to get at them. Sometimes I'll see one standing at the top of a dirt logging road sniffing the air.I worry that he'l be killed the next bear hunt.I love to hunt, not for killing pleasure but only for what I like to eat.The sport is in outsmarting the prey, especially turkeys, my favorite hunt.

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