Thursday, February 26, 2009

Boys with Trains

Do you see that train trestle in front of little Kyle ? That belonged to my Uncle Bob. He received it as a Christmas present in 1930 when he was about the same age as Brandon, the bigger boy.I have his whole trainset ,tinplates from 1929 - 30. These guys love the trains and we set them up at Christmas & forget to take them down for months to come.Kyle will be the next one to get a set of trains for his Christmas present from us. He loves them as much as I do. I was 5 weeks old when my dad bought me my first Christmas present- a set of Lionel trains! An absolute necessity ! I still have the engine, but it needs repairs.I was in a wonderful trainshop before Christmas to buy additions for my twin grandsons.A 4 yr old boy was in there looking at trains with his mom.They have beautiful displays in this shop & the mom only wanted a poster of a train.Unfortunately they didn't have anything that she was looking for.I said to her,"Give me your address & I'll send you a beautiful large calendarfilled with train pictures .My husband is an engineer & drives the coal train. She was delighted! So, when I got home I told my sweetie the story & he told me to mail the little boy the new calendar( beautiful pics of the train driving up the Sussquehanna,etc) , his new Train cap he received & a Safety Pin. Well, little Joey mailed him a picture he drew of trains ( 2 engines pulling a freight train) with a bright shining sun entitled "LOVE TRAINS !".(Happy child) as a thank you note.I'd love for that little guy to actually see the coal train! 133 cars to deliver to the power plant!

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