Thursday, February 19, 2009

Winter Continues!

Ah! Winter continues! More snow today.I had to travel 1 hour for an important Certification test.I got there an hour early so I didn't get caught driving in the midst of a storm. Since my cousins live near that area, I could always hookup & stay there till things clear. But wasn't necessary. I passed the test and did well. I kind of enjoyed studying for it, but it sucked up all my spare time. No time for other things that needed to be done. Piggers go to Old Order Mennonite butcher tomorrow. Why do I mention that? I don't trust too many others. The saying goes," a butcher always eats good." Well, I worked doggone hard to produce this meat & spent a lot of money raising them.I want ALL the meat back.He does a beautiful job butchering & curing the hams too.It's worth the hour drive to get there.Do you make your own sausage ? I will give some very nice recipes. I make my own sausage patties, Italian links & breakfast links, cure my own bacon .

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