Thursday, February 19, 2009

Loading Piggers & Snowy Squall

Today was not the best of days to take the piggers to the butcher, but an appointment has to be kept.It took all the efforts of 4 of us to coax them thru a rigged up squeeze pen (horse gate & wooden pallets as fencing) and the 'not-so-good-idea of a cattle shocker.We backed off using that as it set them into a panic and we would lose them and have to start again from square one.By the time they were fianally loaded onto the trailer & munching away happily on bribed yummies nobody felt remorse at the thought of the butcher.I raised 3 pigs.One for my household, one for my daughter & son-in-laws household, and one for my cousin.Yesterday there was a little remorse at the thought.That was dispelled today thru gritted teeth & skinned shins,and muttered profanities."GET UP THERE YOU *&!!#^#*!)*(&**!^#(! Crtainly not the 'CHARLOTTE'S WEB idea of sweet pink piggers calmly taking in the universe around them.Not these gals! My pink piggers arise from the Jerry Springer type of fighting squeeling women! All buisness when it comes to mealtime! After the loading was completed we had breakfast.Then we saw the squall coming over the barn from the south and I thought, "Oh, NO!! Tell me I have to drive through that!! Funny how I have my own private snowstorms up here.Just a dusting 12 minutes down the bottom of the mountain & all sunshine & NO snow at the butcher.

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