Saturday, October 17, 2009

Concord Grapes

My grapevines are 3 years old this year and produced a nice little crop.I still had to buy my grapes for the year's grape juice from the local produce market.Next year my own vines will be better established and I hope to harvest all my own grapes.Today I made grape jelly~Yummy! You can still buy half bushels of grapes, if you hurray.To make your own grapejuice :

To each Quart canning jar : 2 handsful of Concord Grapes (washed and stemmed)
1/4 c sugar
Fill with boiling water (mix well before sealing or sugar will settle on bottom in a hard clump afterward.)

Seal with lids and bands .Follow Ball Blue Book's directions on canning grapejuice.I believe it's 15 min in water bath. I use my pressure canner at 5 lbs x 5 min and turn it off.The time it takes the pressure to drop to zero is about the same and works perfect.
Let juice stand 3 months before drinking.It should be ready by Thanksgiving.That's when we have our first jar (:>

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