Friday, October 9, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize

So you're asking yourself the same question the rest of the world is.The big question mark up in the sky~ "Why Obama?". "What were the Norwegians thinking???"
The leftist Norwegians are not dumb.It was a chess move to keep Obama backed into a corner in the hopes of preventing him from taking military action against Iran.It was a "STAY OUT OF IRAN" tactic.
Nominees in the past were Adolf Hitler (nomination was later withdrawn), Joseph Stalin, and Mussolini .SURPRISED??? I wondered WHY????? Maybe that was it~ hoping to keep them on a peaceful road so as not to lose face if they were declared the winner of the Peace Prize. Of course ,leaders who wear military uniforms,(Stalin,Mussolini,Castro,Hitler,Quadaffi,etc,etc), would not recognize that association .If they did, they would not give a flip. Obama is not a military minded man .Let's see how this award screws with his mind now that North Korea & Iran are thumbing their noses at the world.

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