Saturday, October 17, 2009

Octoberfest & Kids

The second week in October is spectacular in this part of the state.The trees put on a great show with their changing colours and when the sun is shining there's just nothing like it! The sunsets will be pink and yellow and October and November are harvest moon months. Make SURE you get outside when the full moon is on the horizon~ the biggest grandest moons of the year!
There's so much going on as far as Festivals & Heritage Days in different villages.I'm glad I'm able to be here for it all and not have to visit from a long distance.I'm especially glad to be able to take the Wildjowls with me! They make these trips a lot more fun!This is them standing on the bridge on Rock Run Rd crossing the Loyalsocks Creek.
Pennsylvania has 197 covered bridges,more than any other state.Sullivan County has several beauties and you can be further entertained by wandering through the various General Stores in Forksville, Hillsboro and Swisher's General Store on RT 42 in Franklin Twp. Swisher's has a second story with antiques and pictures of the past Gen Store Days when horse drawn wagons made the deliveries to replenish their stock.The road in front of the store sure looked a lot different back then.
Sullivan County is a great place to visit now! Wine vineyards in LaPorte & Lopez have their Concord grape wine! Yummy!! Sullivan County is a huge county and has only ONE TRAFFIC LIGHT in the entire county (Dushore)!! HAH!! I love it!! It's a wild place to be the first few days of rifle season for deer~ schools and businesses close for "DEER DAYS" and hunters are driving through town with their deer trophy's tied to their roofs,hoods,or more discreetly in the back of their pickups.
The Loyalsocks Creek runs through Sullivan and is just beautiful!! Great hiking trails and trout fishing holes.Swimming & picnicking at the dam in World's End State Park.

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