Thursday, October 8, 2009


There is a growing concern of the increase in autistic children showing up in recent years.The question is,"Are childhood immunizations the culprit?" It's a legitimet question and I hope research will find the answer soon.SID's and ecxema were also cited in the past as being possibly linked to immunizations,Pertussis (Whooping cough) in particular.Would I risk my child contracting any of these horrible diseases to avoid the remote chance of autism or SID's? No.
I read a very interesting account in Carla Emery's book,"THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF COUNTRY LIVING".She, like many other concerned parents,decided not to immunize her children.Then she almost lost a child to whooping cough.She gave up sleep and peace of mind and could not leave her child's side. She said,"Your child of any age-infants can get this!-will have a literally life threatening coughing attack,desperately battling to dislodge the constant dangerous buildup of the most thick,copious,ugly masses of phlegm you can imagine,every 8 to 18 minutes, day and night for the NEXT COUPLE OF MONTHS-and longer.The child can drink light liquids like 7-UP.There won't be much other eating going on because the constant battle with phlegm predisposes to vomiting,though you have to try to get food down.....YOU HAVE TO BE PRESENT FOR EVERY COUGHING ATTACK TO GET THE CHILD SITTING UP AND LEANING SLIGHTLY FORWARD SO THE EXHAUSTED VICTIM CAN GET THE PHLEGM OUT OF THEIR MOUTH.LITERALLY SCOOP AND PULL THE LONG STRINGS OF PHLEGM OUT OF THE CHILD'S MOUTH WITH YOUR FINGERS if the child is choking on them and is unable to get them out without help."
A friend of mine at work had whooping cough as a child and it lasted until the following spring. There is no medical treatment for whooping cough.Supportive care is all you can do. Consider the weight loss a child will experience and how important adequate nutrition is in combating disease .Inadequate protein intake cripples the immune system.Perhaps the combination of inadequate sleep,exhaustion and poor nutrition is the reason this disease lasts as long as it does.
D.P.T.~ Diptheria (a demon of a disease that closes off your airway), Pertussis(whooping cough) and Tetanus. Don't get me started on tetanus! Two years ago I learned of a poor fellow who died of tetanus.Something got jammed under the nailbed of his thumb.He thought nothing of it until he became symptomatic and sought help when it was too late. A miserable way to die.
While I don't believe every vaccine out there is beneficial (some I question if they really are effective), I absolutely believe in the childhood immunizations for the deadly diseases.

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