Friday, October 23, 2009


Men never change~ no matter what their breed.Consider the rodeo.We sheep also love a good toss to the ground. Take Alfalfa, for instance. You'd think he'd grow up, especially since he needs to be a good example to Patty, our son (sitting here next to me).We graze in the fenced in chicken yard during the day. The coop door is closed (so we sheep don't eat their grain).When the sun goes down, the gate opens and we make a beeline for the barn to our warm cozy stall.Then the chickens are let into their coop to roost for the night.But last week it was nightime before we were let out. In the meantime, chickens were fretting and fretting over where to roost! They clumped together in little groups in nooks and crannies and huddled against the outside coop wall.It was pathetic ! But two smart roosters found a warm cozy place to sleep on Alfalfa's back.No problem! It was a pleasant night and Alfalfa could care less. Chickens finally purred and made their contented little groans as they settled in.Turkeys roosted on the coop roof and clucked quietly ~~ UNTIL ~~the CAR CAME HOME ! Alfalfa leaped to his feet - the eyes of the roosters snapped open~~ WIDE OPEN!! They held on while my honey ram got his footing.Then the gate creaked and scraped open ~~~~ COMIN' OUTTA SHOOT NUMBER NINE!!! Alfalfa bolted ,chickens learched backward and talons gripped his wooly back to hold on for dear life. Whattles fluttered and they let out terrified screeches .Alfalfa was in a full blast run, dodging this way and that around junk cars,wagons,bushel baskets and chicken crates .Roosters bounced up and down,lerching to the right then being flung over to the left as Alfalfa made a beeline to the barn.Finally the 2 cowboys hit the dirt and trotted in a disoriented retreat to the safety of their coop.Then they stretched out their necks and let out the winner's crow ~ "Err~ Err~ OOOOOO" !!! HAHA! (:>

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