Saturday, October 31, 2009

We didn't produce many pumpkins this year.The seeds just didn't grow.That's what happens when you use hybrids.You become dependant upon the big seed companies to provide seeds from year to year.I grew the huge jack-o-lantern pumpkins one year.Their seeds produced the following year but after that the pumpkins that grew produced seeds that apparently did not germinate.I'm going to do a little more research into the non hybrids and focus on the heritage lines of veggies this coming spring.I miss having wheelbarrow loads of pumpkins this year.It's especially nice when you have chickens, turkeys and piggers to feed.Just toss a pumpkin into their pen and it keeps them busy for hours and out of trouble. My piggers started pulling rocks out of the barn foundation one year~ HUH!! I started tossing an avalanche of pumpkins into their pen to keep them out of mischief.A nearby veggie stand gave me all his HUGE pumpkins at the end of the season one year that did not sell.That was a lifesaver (barnsaver).

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