Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Beautiful Draft Horses!

These 2 beauties are Roan Percherons.Oh, how I would love to have a pair of Percherons! I love the smell and feel of the velvety muzzle of a horse, especially the big drafts.If you want to see the draft horses plowing Amish fields, now's the time!! They don't plow in the summer when the corn is growing! They are plowing NOW.
This is the life for me! Forget ATV's & tractors .This Amish woman is plowing her field with 8 big Belgians. Plodding along quietly, contentedly on this cold March spring day she watches off to the right that the furrows are directed straight.The fields in Lancaster County are heavy with the odours of fertilzers.I'd much rather sniff horse or cow manure~~ ANYDAY! Chemical fertilizers STINK!
I have saved up close to enough for harnessing for my Belgian, Patriot.Hopefully I'll soon be able to buy what's needed for him, then set him to work. I'll get that manure skid constructed , learn to drive him and then CLEAN BARN-HERE WE COME!

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