Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The night sky is beautiful up here.I am forunate not to have the invasive lights of parking lots & shopping malls competeing with my stargazing.The sky is pitch black & silent.I don't even have planes & commercial jets interrupting the patterns of the constellations. I can guess that that bright star over there is really a satellite or a planet. A 'cheap date' for my husband & I is dragging the 2-seater swing to the middle of the lawn away from the trees & count shooting stars.ORION is very prominent now just north of my barn.It is called "The Mighty Hunter".Four years ago, on the night before the start of bow-season, I took a walk in the yard & WOW!! There was ORION bigger than life! Bigger than I'd ever seen it before right between the pond & the barn in the sky.I could see the bow~ I could pick out EVERYTHING! NUTS! Tomorrow starts bow season ~ 'it's gotta be a sign!' and I'm WORKING!!

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