Thursday, March 26, 2009

Curing Bacon

I knew you were wondering today,"How would I go about curing my own bacon "".I heard you and now here's how ~( 1.)Each pig will give you 2 big slabs of bacon like this picture below.(2)Buy a bag of Morton's Tenderquick.Use 1 Tb / pound of bacon.Rub it into the meat on both sides.Place in food quality plastic bag.(I rolled one bacon slab & left the other flat ,like this picture.The rolled bacon came out a little nicer,I thought. ) Press out excess air ,close off bag & refrigerate 36-40F. degrees for 7 days per inch of the slab of meat.(3) After the curing process, rinse off excess salt & immerse the slab in lukewarm water to withdraw excess salt.Drain the water &I repeat this process once more.(4)Pat dry and cut into four sections.Then place in freezer until stiff & partially frozen.

(5)Partially frozen slabs cut perfectly on the meat slicer.Adjust to thin or thick slices.

(6) I place mine in quart size ziplock freezerbags which comes out to a perfect pound.I immerse the bag in warm water just below the ziplock & press out all air.This works great & shrink wraps it just fine.Then freeze

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