Sunday, March 1, 2009

This is Tommy, my Bourbon Red Gobbler.Turkeys come in a variety of colors & breeds. The turks behind him are Blue Slates (actually grey with white trim).We usually associate Thanksgiving turkeys as Bronze turkeys.That tradition is gone. Actually,supermarket turkeys are snow white turkeys.Their pin feathers do not leave dark markings in the skin, as do colored feathered turkeys. These guys are knocking on my door. They want breakfast. Or Brunch.Tommy was my 'Watch Turkey'. He would patrol the neighborhood.If I was outside working in my garden, he would stand guard next to me while I picked spinach.He would not let me pet him, but he would stand between me & other people that would come by to talk to me.Dogs were forbidden to be petted.My neighbor was not allowed to get out of her car in her own driveway. Tommy said it was 'Against the law'. Cars could not pass down our street.That, too, was "Against The Law" My neighbor left a nasty message on answering machine.Tommy flapped his wings & spurred her while she was hanging clothes on her line.I miss Tommy. Wondering where he went?

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