Thursday, March 12, 2009

Making Grape Juice

SOOOO! Another time I stopped in the little farmer's market to pick up some milk,lettuce, a few things.The owner says,"Ya want some grapes?" I said, "I dunno, how much you got?" "40 lbs"~ he says (!!!!!) ~~(What the heck am I gonna do with 40 lbs of grapes? I'm from Bayonne~ we're not up on that kinda stuff!) ~~~~ So he says, "Don't you make your own grapejuice?? EVERYBODY UP HERE MAKES THEIR OWN GRAPEJUICE !!" ~~ WELL!! I am not your typical FLATLANDER!! I got as much mud on my boots up here as any mountain woman .Sooooo~~ I said , OK, how do you make your own grapejuice? And they proceeded to let me in on the secret~~ I now give it to YOU!! The next year I planted 20 grapevines.Maybe this year I'll get a grape or two.

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